What to bring.

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What to bring.
Record Keeping
Your refund.

1 - W-2 forms from all employers you worked for during the year. When you receive
your W-2 form please read it carefully. If there are errors they must be corrected
before you file your tax returns. All errors should be reported to your employer.
We cannot make the correction for you.

2 - 1099 forms from all banks, brokers, awards, commissions, non-employee
compensation, etc.

3 - Schedule K-1 if you have invested in a Limited Partnership or are a stockholder of a
Sub-Chapter S Corporation. These are normally issued in late February or early

4 - If you are holding or paying a seller financed mortgage, you must have the name,
address and social security number of the seller or buyer.

5 - For sale of stock you need to have the number of shares, purchase date and cost.
This information is on the original sale confirmation.

6 - For sale of mutual funds you need the average cost per share. This information is
usually on the brokers' year end statement.

7 - Closing statements for the purchase or sale of real estate.

8 - 1098 forms for the amount of mortgage interest you paid. Please make sure you
have received the statements from all mortgages you are paying.

9 - Co-op or condo statements listing the number of shares and the amount of your
interest and taxes.

10 - Summaries of your medical expenses (including insurance), charitable contributions
and employee business expenses. These can be taken from your checkbook, credit
card statements, paid bills, etc.

11 - Your Social Security Card. In an effort to minimize fraud, the IRS matches Social
Security Numbers with the names the Social Security Administration has on
record. Very often there are errors on the SS cards due to the spelling of a name.
If the name and the number is not an exact match an IRS inquiry will delay
processing of the tax return and, in turn, delay payment of any refund.
Married women who have changed their names to their husband's surname, even if
you have been married for many years, should make sure your card is in your
married name and the spelling is correct.

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